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Turning the Tables to Look Outside in from A Threat Actor’s Perspective
With the constant outpouring of news headlines, it is evident that nation-state cyberattacks are a growing threat and are only getting more sophisticated. From industrial espionage, ransomware, the theft of personal information, or disruption of services — the impact from a cyberattack takes on many forms, all damaging for an enterprise. While attackers can range from cybercriminals, individual hackers, or governments, nation-states and their criminal proxies are the most dangerous because they are the most capable, best-resourced, and persistent and operate from their territory. Consequently, organizations need to make informed decisions in an uncertain environment, to protect against a range of threats. Join us for an insightful discussion to explore how security leaders can differentiate between nation-state cyberattacks and other cyberattacks by understanding the perceptions under which organizations make decisions about cybersecurity. We will also discuss how cyber hygiene and by utilizing encryption for sensitive data as well as requiring multifactor authentication is critical to reducing an attacker’s chance of success.

Attendees of the ISE® Fireside Webinars will earn 1 CPE credit upon its conclusion. T.E.N. will provide instructions for credit submission following the webinar.

May 25, 2022 02:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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